About Europe Solar World Corp.

Who we are
Europe Solar World Corporation is a dedicated group of motivated individuals whose main goal is to make renewable energy available to Filipinos. The company is built on the technical experience and expertise of its European Engineers who have been in the solar energy business for over 10yrs. That translates to knowledge gained from field experience, triumphs and mistakes from more than 500 solar installation projects of both residential and commercial application. Installed capacity totaling over 200MW of solar energy.
What we do
Making renewable energy available is no easy task. Having the technical capability is not enough. It is just the tip of the sword. It all starts with an installation plan, followed by a mountain of paper work, coupled with bureaucracy. Technical Equipment selection and importation. Power plant installation and testing. Turn over and client eduction. System monitoring and preventive maintenance and trouble shooting. Europe Solar Corporation seamlessly brings things together for you delivering a tailored cost effective system for efficiently converting sun light into clean renewable energy emphasis on best value for invested money.