Net-metering allows customers of Meralco to install solar PV in maximum power of 100 kilowatts (kW) in capacity. Customers can generate electricity for their own use for free by PV. Any extra electricity generated that is not consumed by the customer is automatically exported to the Meralco's distribution system. The Meralco then gives credit 5.49 peso for the each excess kilowatt of electricity.

PV produce electric energy for free. All the electric energy is consumed by building devices for free.


PV produce electric energy for free. 30% of energy is consumed by building devices. Unused/excess energy is exported to Meralco for 5.49 PHP.


Meralco electric bill

Building without PV

Total KWH: 20004 x 11,25 PHP
Total electric bill: 225,480 PHP
Same building with 50 kWp PV
Total KWH: 20004
KWH from PV: 8500
Self consumption 80% from PV: 68000 KWH
Unused energy 20% from PV: 17000 KWH
Total current amount: 11504 KWH x 11,25 PHP = 129,420 PHP
Total electric bill: 129,420 PHP - 1700 KWH x 5,491 (for unused energy) = 120,085 PHP
Monthly saving: 105,395 PHP